Bands Janne Tuomi

Janne Tuomi solodrumming

Composed/improvised solodrumming


Avantgarde improvised/composed music

Veli Kujala – accordion
Jorma Tapio - reeds
Sampo Lassila – double bass
Janne Tuomi – drums, percussion

Osuma Ensemble

Contemporary classical percussion quintet

Jyri Kurri - percussion
Harri Lehtinen - percussion
Toni Hietala - percussion
Mikael Heikkilä - percussion
Janne Tuomi – percussion

Sami Kukka yhtyeineen


Sami Kukka – vocals, acoustic Guitar
Pekko Käppi – Jouhikko
Janne Tuomi – percussion

Gentle Evil

Scorched earth jazz

Tommi Keränen – electronics
Janne Tuomi – drums



Mika Rättö – voc. Keyb.
Janne Westerlund – guitar, vocals
Jussi Lehtisalo – bass, vocals
Tomi Leppänen – drums
Janne Tuomi – percussion

Tuomi works also works a freelance drummer/percussionist in various chamber-, sinfonietta- and symphomy orchestras as well as in rock and jazz groups and –projects in Finland and abroad.