The free music journeyman

With strong basis in classical education drummer/percussionist Janne Tuomi explores the boundaries of sound in various situations from symphony orchestras to solo concerts and from rock and jazz gigs to composed and improvised contemporary chamber music and everything in between.

Tuomi has performed with John Zorn (Cobra) and with Finnish avant rock cult band Circle, appeared as a symphony orchestra soloist with Minoru Miki’s Z-Concerto, and given solo concerts in venues ranging from punkrock clubs to contemporary music festivals such as Tampere Biennale.

He continues to perform both locally and internationally in rock, jazz and classical festivals and clubs with different solo projects and with different bands and orchestras such as the Osuma percussion ensemble. He also teaches percussion at the Palmgren Conservatory and composes and improvises music for contemporary dance/theatre.

Janne Tuomi

Tuomi has appeared on more than thirty records which include his three critically acclaimed solo percussion cd’s ’Approaching’ (Ektro), ’elg’ (Muzik Zaman) and ’Resonance’(FMR).

”...Tuomi as storyteller relating a journey through a series of states from turbulence to eventual meditative calm. More importantly, it's a lively and serious engagement with the power, colour and nuance of sound. The rattling shells, gong splash and tinkling bells are evocative but they are also as much the substance of the music as Tuomi's energetic polyrhytmic kitwork.”

”...Tuomi, while absorbing useful precedents from a range of musical fields, has developed his own vision of where the percussionist's role may take him.”

- Julian Cowley, The Wire